Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sunny Seaside Moments

Hello again Lovelies,
carrying on with my holiday posts, I thought I would share my favourite day of our week in Spain with you today.
Towards the end of our holiday we decided to take a little trip on one of the boats we had seen visiting the main beach in Tossa de Mar.

As we left it was lovely to see the impressive castle from the water.

and to pass by jagged rocks.

The whole coast is rugged and beautiful.

and dotted with caves.

Which we went inside.

and the crew threw bread for the fish :0)

Back into the light.

This trip was to a small bay and a beach called Cala Giverola.

It was beautiful, but when we arrived it was not as peaceful as the photo above suggests.

There was a water park behind the beach and loud music was blaring out.

Eldest and I  decided to go and investigate some of the paths we could see climbing the steep hills that ran down to the water.

Ahhhh, what a peaceful spot with a simply stunning view.

Thankfully the music did not last long and we could relax on the beach. In the late afternoon my walking buddy agreed to investigate another footpath.

I loved looking down on the turquoise waters.

What a perfectly summery scene.

Eldest was happy to climb higher to take in the landscape (seascape?)

But after a while we decided it would be best to rejoin the others.

Back at sea-level hubby and youngest were snorkelling.

I just love the light as the sun gets lower in the sky, the glittery reflections are something special, don't you agree?

The underwater world here contained exciting, colour changing octopi apparently. 

I do like snorkelling, but on this occasion I was more than happy to stand in the crystal clear water. 

and watch the waves lapping the shore.

Just look at the wonderful colour of those pebbles, so vibrant and glowing when wet and illuminated by the setting sun.

I always wish that special light would last just a little longer, that I could bottle the atmosphere, to save it for a dull winters day.

But all too soon the last boat of the day was here. Time to leave this idyllic spot.

It was a perfect outing to make some happy holiday memories for us all to look back on.

Jacquie x

Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Morning Walk in Spain

Hello Lovelies,
where can I start to share our holiday? I have 300 photos safely stored in my computer waiting to be seen.

This holiday was a big one for us. We visited Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava.
It was booked to coincide with our 20th wedding anniversary and hubby's 50th birthday. I didn't want to break the bank so  the five of us travelled on a budget airline (it was fine), stayed in an Air BnB ( it was good). 

When we arrived the weather was super hot. I was determined to get out walking so the best thing was to get up early and explore a little before the day got too hot.

On our second day we walked through the pretty lanes.

Then climbed lots of steps.

Till we were on the walls of the 12th century castle.

  looking down on the early sun-seekers and the traditional fishing boats.

We squeezed through the narrow gaps.

Till we had a birds eye view.

I loved exploring this medieval castle with it's interesting ruins and elevated  position.

Which gave us great views of the whole resort with pine clad hills beyond.

and the rugged coastline of the costa brava ( which means wild coast)

The light and shadows here enchanted me.

Safe within the castle walls is the old town. It was great to explore while it was so quiet.

At the bottom of this hill we came to this hole in the castle walls and squeezed through.

to find another beach in a pretty bay. Time to go home for breakfast and pack the beach bag I think :0)

I hope you enjoyed this walk lovelies. I'll be back soon with more postcards from Spain.
Jacquie x

Monday, 21 August 2017

Hilly Fields

Hello Lovelies,
last week we were blessed with a sunny but not too warm day to adventure into Derbyshire once more.

A friend had taken a day off work especially to join in with this group walk and I was relieved that the weather was good.

Here they are, my lovely lot of walking pals. Mostly in their sixties and seventies, they think nothing of hiking 10 miles across the Peak district long as there are stops to admire the view :0)

As we climbed higher the views got better and better.

Soon we were gazing at Riber Castle.

Coffee time with a view.

Can you spot the glimpse of heather moorland...sigh.

A little further along I loved this sweet summerhouse.

and these cottage gardens.

Hello locals.

This sign made me smile. I am familiar with this route and I knew there was a very hilly field to come.

But by climbing hills, you are rewarded with views.

We stopped in a churchyard for lunch. What a perfect spot on this warm sunny day.

Then it was down into the cool of the woodland.

before climbing up once more.

Thankfully we were parked at the bottom of a hill, so tired legs could enjoy the peaceful descent.

I thought it was a beautiful walk and happily my friend agreed. I do hope you enjoyed it too.

Jacquie x